16 August 2017

Mountain Skills 1 In Burren Hills/Galway This Weekend

I have one space left for a Mountain Skills 1, running in the Burren Hills/Galway, this weekend. For more details or to book please contact me on 086 860 45 63. Thanks, Nathan

4 August 2017

Emergency Plaster From Mountain Grass

How To Make An Emergency Plaster From A Common Mountain Grass:
Fionnán Or Purple Moor Grass

This stayed intact on the finger for five hours and survived rope coiling, driving and (careful!) hand washing.

1. Pluck the grass carefully from as low down as possible.

2. Wind carefully and tightly around wounded finger, extending well beyond the wound.

3. Trap or wrap the beginning of the grass under itself.

4. A series of simple round interwoven knots, or clove hitch knot will hold plaster in place.

28 July 2017

Spare Boot Lace Always Handy

Good to always carry two spare boot laces in your backpack (long + heavy duty). Last weekend the sole of a student's boot came away; high in the hills, two hours from our cars. A boot lace wrapped it back up and got him back comfortably.

21 July 2017

Learn To Lead Rock Climb Course - Places Available

Two spaces left, if anyone is interested, in a Learn To Lead Climb Course, running over six days; 27th - 29th Jul plus 3rd - 5th Aug.

Beginner friendly, but intensive course, with all the gear provided.

At the end of this course you will be safe, competent and self-sufficient at bottom roping, top roping, abseiling and lead climbing. This includes the rope work needed for each type of climbing; the set ups needed, anchor placement and climbing techniques.

Block one runs in the Gap of Dunloe/Killarney. Block two runs on Dingle Sea Cliffs/Dingle. Price is €480 per person. For more details please contact Nathan: 086 860 45 63 / info@outdoorsireland.com

20 July 2017


We see a lot of this amazing little carnivorous plant, sundew, in the Irish hills and bogs; however rarely see it in flower for some reason. Here it is in flower - tiny white flowers at the top of each green stalk.

The reason the flowers are held high above the sticky meat-eating leaves is to allow pollinating insects like bees do their flower pollinating without being accidentally eaten by the plant!

15 July 2017

Forest & Jungle & Bushcraft Navigation Skills - DDECKSSS Card

For Mountain Skills we teach Route Card; for Forest/Jungle Skills we teach DDECKSSS. This is a simple page to be carried plus memorized.

D / Direction = What Is North/South/East/West Of Your Terrain
D / Danger = What/Where Is Your Main Terrain Danger
E / Escape = Simple Escape Route – Handrail Ideal
C / Conditions = Prevailing Wind Direction/Weather Forecast
K / Known = Known Point In Your Terrain To Re-Focus/Re-Group
S / Size = Max Length/Max Width
S / Shape = Square/Circle/Triangle/Mess
S / Slope = Approx Slope Aspect

You may need to do our training course for this to make full sense! It ties into Forest Skills 1. Next date is Glengarriff on 21st & 22nd Nov.

8 July 2017

Portwest Malin Jacket

Loving the new Portwest Malin Jacket. Using it as a kayaking jacket at moment.

Super impressed with it's toughness and breathability.

Nice to have a hood to pull up when the heavy summer showers come!

The velcro cuffs fasten in well, the zips are pretty sturdy, a useful chest pocket for compass/phone.

The Portwest breathable system, which they call Ventron, is superb and as good a breathable system as I have found anywhere over the years.

I have not spent much time in the mountains in the past weeks, but I am looking forward to putting it to the test in the Cork, Wicklow and Burren Mountains all in the next month!

24 June 2017

Top Things To Do In Killarney!

With this stunning hot weather we have spaces available for our Killarney Lakes Kayak Trip and Killarney Lakes Sunset Kayaking for the coming days.

To book please text 086 860 45 63. Thanks, Nathan